Range Rules

We are pretty much straight forward and simple. We value that your a Normal ,Sane ,Safe and Straight forward individual who wants to come shoot your weapons. We try our best not to impose restrictions on rates of fire or caliber restrictions. As long as you adhere to our few simple rules you shall enjoy your visit without putting yourself or anyone else in harms way.








Rifle Range Only:Before shooters venture down range to hang targets, all guns must be cleared and a chamber flag inserted! Leave the actions open!When shooters have verified that ALL guns are flagged, the range is cold and targets may be hung! All shooters remaining on station must stand behind the yellow line until all shooters return from targets being hung. 


Safety & Courtesy: Hearing and eye protection MUST be worn at all times.  Please be aware of other shooters.  You can help us keep costs down by cleaning up after your time has expired.   Report any concerns to the Range Officer or store staff.

Target Hang:  Coordinate with other shooters.  When anyone is down range guns must be cleared, ACTIONS OPEN AND LAID ON BENCH.  Hands off.  Make sure other shooters are in compliance before you venture down range.

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