$12.00 - 2 hours includes both rifle and pistol range       $24.00 - ALL DAY PASS

Gun rental 15.00 per firearm, anything we have in-stock can be rented 

Annual Range Membership Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun (Public Range) 200.00

 In addition to unlimited access to the public ranges, members have access to the long ranges (300, 400 & and; 500 yards) not offered to the public. The air conditioned booth on the rifle range is also accessible to members at no charge. 

Tactical range with steel targets like plate racks and pop up targets! 200.00

The tactical range is not open to the public. Members have unlimited access throughout their annual membership. This range must be maintained by the shooters and must be cleaned up after each shooting session is over.You may use the steel targets we provide or bring your own. Coordinate with any other members using the range and set up as you like. It is your range.


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